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The quality of your life is determined by the foundation of the quality of mastering your life skills.


All types of individuals seek mentoring to offer them guidance and support they need to move forward, letting go of excuses and start living the life they have always wanted. 


Are you ready to transform your life?  

Do you feel like you are missing out on great opportunities, or unsure of the next step towards reaching your dreams?

Feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, anxious or stressed and not the energetic person you used to be?


Career Mentoring

Feeling stuck at work?

Looking to make career change?

Enjoying your career but feel you could be doing more?


Confidence & Self - Esteem Mentoring

Do you find yourself lacking the confidence to make changes in your life?

Does stepping out of your comfort zone make you anxious?

Is poor self-esteem or insecurity holding you back from achieving something greater?


Self Sabotage Mentoring

Are you getting in the way of your own success?


Personal and Destiny Mentoring 

Do you want to learn more about yourself and find success personally and professionally?


Mentoring can be the key to unlocking your thoughts, identifying your personal obstacles and offering the support you need to overcome them living a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Dr Nimarta addresses the areas in your life that are challenging, and provides solutions bringing happiness, health and wealth. 


From helping individuals to perform better with the focus to eliminating deep-rooted physical pain and anxiety, or understand what is holding them back.  Countless people have overcome and outgrown both physical and emotional issues. These simple tools lead to living an abundant life, enabling to take control in profound and sustainable way. Dr Nimarta’s offers individual tailored support, working with a plan and work through any challenges you are facing, inspiring and empowering your limitless abilities to have fulfilment in life.


How can Mentoring help ?

  Use simple, effective solutions to improve peace of mind, find clarity preparing you for your future

  Improve self-esteem and build confidence

  Renew your energy and focus

  Empowering you to take control

  Develop skills and resources making positive change in your life

  Achieve your vocation, business and leadership goals

  Provide singles and couples have successful relationships 

  Discover a greater level of personal and professional fulfilment and success

  Better manage relationships

  Help achieve work-life balance you have always wanted



Creating world peace through inner peace™


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