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Pregnant mums-to-be is a unique time.

Some struggle while others sail through.

Common reasons they visit include :


                    ✓  Low Back Pain

                    ✓   Pelvic Pain

                    ✓   Neck Pain

                    ✓   LegPain

                    ✓   Chest Pain

Dr Nimarta is certified in the Webster Technique given to chiropractors who have completes additional training in pregnancy care.  The technique is a specific analysis and correction, used in pregnancy and non-pregnant people alike.  Balance in tone and alignment may increase your chance of an easier birth and better sleep while pregnant.


Treatment is gentle using specific techniques and crania-sacral therapy helping to alleviate pain and discomfort during pregnancy, preparing for birth and an easier delivery.  My mission is to provide high level of care with comfort and safety, with aftercare when your baby has arrived.


Babies and Children: Many new-borns and children have care, Dr Nimarta has extensive experience having attended and completed postgraduate masters chiropractic paediatric courses.  Care consists of gentle, spinal, cranial-sacral therapy and visceral paediatric techniques using the lightest touch.


Young babies may be cuddled and fed during care.

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