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Spiritual healing is about working with dis-harmony, dis-ease and illness from multiple angles. 


When using spiritual healing, Dr Nimarta focuses on bringing harmony back to reinforce a person’s whole body-heart-mind health.


Healing involves spiritual growth, intellectual expansion, physical cures and other interventions. Healing requires digging deeper into why you got a virus infection and why you have depression and pain.


What is Spiritual Healing?


Healing is a mixture of interventions - physical, medical and non-medical, energetic and mental  interventions.  When we transform the cause of illness/dis-ease and now beyond the problem, we are then focused on healing.  Healing is a whole package deal.  Addressing only one element of an illness rarely leads to healing.


In spiritual healing, we create spiritual description for the body, heart and mind and then embark upon a healing journey of transformation, to free the soul.

The Spiritual Healing Journey


A spiritual healing journey addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins.  In this way, we eliminate toxins that sacrifice the soul.  Assisting to release the motion that splits a person away from themselves. Doing both allows a person to heal and become whole.


Healing the soul is the combined healing interventions for the body, heart and mind.  For example, I may think I want to write today and then physically go to the park or beach instead.  Or, we feel strongly about one need and yet physically move in a different direction.  It happens all the time, every day, for most of us.


By doing right by our body, purify our relationships, use our mind for creative freedom and not enslavement, free the soul from ego and undertake the spiritual journey.


Do Right by Our Body


When we take care of the body, we are also taking care of the heartland mind! Building body practices in a way thatch be easily sustained and expanded over time.  There is always something we can do for our body!  Dr Nimarta will guide you how to manage your body.


Purify Our Relationships


Purify our heart, relationships and personal energy is a balance of giving and receiving in our close relationships. Guidance on the balance, how to practice love without judgement, increase awareness, build and maintain your energy.


Use the Mind for Creative Freedom


Guidance on how to free our mind and use it to grow and create a life we love through meditations and intellectual challenges helping to rewire our neural pathways and transform our life.


Free the Soul from the Ego


We free our soul with guidance on practising connecting the body, heart and mind.  Experiencing more moments where your thinking is aligned with your feelings and the physical motion of your body.  Consider a destiny mentoring session with Dr Nimarta.



Spiritual Healing: Undertake the Spiritual Journey


While we practice keeping our body healthy and happy, our emotions and energy balanced, our mind clear and sharp, sometimes there are spiritual aspects of dis-harmony, dis-ease and illness.  Spiritual healing involves healing, regaining power, remove misplaced energy and be the light shining and inspiring others to be in the light more and more.


Spiritual healing involves healing the body, heart and mind so that the soul can be whole.


Often it takes more than one intervention for us to heal, as well as daily practice.This is the path of our destiny, creating a larger story for ourselves and our loved ones, so that we may move through life in a connected, fulfilling way.


Spiritual healing is about being the author of your very own medicine story.


Dr Nimarta offers spiritual healing and mentoring sessions to support individuals on their spiritual journey.



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