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Dr. D Weismann

Dr. Nimarta Paul is a doctor’s doctor. Her wisdom, passion and mastery of the LifeLine Technique combined with her solid background in Chiropractic care make her the full package in supporting people to create real and sustainable change in the healing of their bodies and lives.


If you’re open to your fullest potential than I highly recommend going to see Dr.  Nimarta.


You’ll be grateful you did.

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G. Smith

Dr Nimarta has cared for me incredibly well over the past 12 years.

I was operated on for a prolapsed disc in 2003. I also suffered from a twisted pelvis but with regular massage, manipulation & exercise I am now pain free. 

I have also benefited from Dr Nimarta’s Kinesiology, Homeopathy & Cranial- sacral skills.

She treats the individual holistically, and undoubtedly helps me to stay on top of any health or physical issues I may have. 

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L. Watson

I first saw Dr Nimarta Paul 6 years ago when my baby could only turn her head one way.

Instant results!


We have both visited frequently since. It’s a common misconception that chiropractic treatments are all about the body. I’ve found that it heals on all levels.


Thank you Dr Nimarta 

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D. Poritt 

Following the flare up of an old rotator cuff injury I visited

Dr Nimarta Paul for chiropractic work and healing of the injury.


Dr Nimarta is knowledgeable in her profession, pinpointed the exact place of injury and made a great difference to the pain and stiffness I had been feeling.  

I found that regular treatments with Dr Nimarta began to really heal my injury.  Dr Nimarta’s knowledge of the body, nutrition and metaphysical healing is expansive.


Dr Nimarta is professional in her approach, efficient, yet takes the time to talk and listen to the patient.

I would recommend Dr Nimarta Paul without hesitation.

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R. Robertson

I am 78 years old and I owe my life to the work of Chiropractors and their impressive medial diagnosing technology and subsequent treatments.

During the 39 years that I have been treated by Chiropractors I have been aware of their development from only treating the skeleton and muscles to expanding to all areas of the function of the human body and brain.

In this respect Dr Paul has excelled herself, and has enthusiastically searched and investigated many forms of healing treatments ,some of which are new, and others that have a historical existence. 

She has built up an extensive practical knowledge of treatments and is very experienced in the use of homeopathic medicines, and is highly recommended to treat most forms of illness.

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F. Jack

When I walked in to see Dr Nimarta, she knows who you are, not your mind or your story.  She knows the essence of your being, and right away the healing starts.  I blamed my suffering on everyone and did not know the root cause of that.  


Dr Nimarta empowered me to nurture myself daily, with chiropractic, food therapy and mentoring.


She has also worked with my daughter, and has been such an inspiration.  

I am consistently blown away by her knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

Dr Nimarta has allowed me to transform every aspect of my life, for which I am truly grateful.

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D. Munro

I contacted Dr Nimarta Paul, recently, as a friend of mine recommended her to me.  She assessed my situation and I have had several healing sessions with her using the ‘Genius’ which is a completely new and innovative device which utilises previously unknown but hugely effective methods of monitoring and remedying health issues…mental, physical and emotional great effect. 


My general health is now more restored and balanced as a result of these treatments and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr Nimarta to anyone looking for help in restoring their health to a more harmonised condition.


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F. Jegou

I fully recommend the lovely, smiley Dr Nimarta, she is dedicated to providing a professional and thorough service and she is fantastic at what she does!

She really helped me with my back pain, her passion and commitment to the profession is evidently seen in her work.

If you're considering seeing a Chiropractor she is the lady you want to see!

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B. Swalm

Dr Nimarta Paul is different from other practitioners because of the time she delegates to each of her patients.


With her holistic approach and solution oriented mindset the care you receive as her patient is unmatched.


I first visited Nimarta for her applied kinesiology and chiropractic adjustments but since leaving the UK have received virtual phone consultations and Biofeedback scans that have relieved my anxiety levels.


As an MCAS immune disorder patient she has helped me cultivate a supportive supplement regime where over 50 other practitioners said there was no cure, she had one.


One of the best things about Dr Nimarta is that she works with you one on one to see what homeopaths, nutrition, lifestyle changes or even just advice might bring about your healthiest life.


She is always learning, always teaching, and always there to be proactive with your health

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A. Lanagan

I have been a client of Dr Nimarta now for 10 years. I initially saw Nimarta having pulled a muscle in my neck, which she treated and eased. She advised that I had sinus congestion which was causing tension. She treated this and I have never felt such relief!

Over the years, including four pregnancies, Dr Nimarta has assisted with neck, back and hip pain, easing congested sinuses and I have seen frequency of migraines reduced to very seldom.

Dr Nimarta is always welcoming and very professional in her approach. She is very proactive and will treat where necessary as well as advise if she feels there are any areas of concern.


I have always felt safe and confident in Dr Nimarta's care.


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C. Thompson

I had heard about Dr Nimarta chiropractic care and knowledge in helping in business from many friends and went to see her regarding my jaw ache and headaches initially.


I had seen many therapists and after a few sessions of care I felt no pain and much better. 


I also have regular mentoring with Dr Nimarta, helping me to manage my businesses especially with managing the relationships at work, life is a lot easier with her help.


Highly recommend her care she is one in a million with her attention for you and her wisdom I am very grateful for. 


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My child had silent reflux and after several treatments she was in much less discomfort.


I also found the sessions were very child friendly.


Can't make it in-person into the office?
no worries - got you covered with
virtual teletherapy!

Dr Nimarta Paul

110g Queens Road


AB15 6BW

Tel:  01224 323 693

Tel: 07527 276 341

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