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Dr Nimarta Paul is an experienced Chiropractor and Life Performance Mentor serving the local communities and surrounding areas of Aberdeenshire, while also connecting and working with clients worldwide.


Understanding that “Your Health is your Wealth” she offers a bespoke approach to healthcare that is multi-disciplinary and personalised for your physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing, with her unique range of services focusing on addressing the cause, therefore solving health issues.


Fuelled with passion about life and pure vision for health and vitality, Dr Nimarta offers expertise in Chiropractic, rehabilitation, posture advice and lifestyle looking after you and your family throughout all your stages of life. 


Chiropractic is for every stage of your life. From infants to elderly. From working in the office, home or manual work. Our bodies need assistance to express and feel our best throughout life.


Dr Nimarta also offers support and guidance as a Life Performance Mentor to inspire both individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners how to navigate through life with purpose and live in true happiness and abundance.




Get accessible and personalised healthcare in-person or from the comfort of your

home with remote online options.


Can't make it in-person into the office?
no worries - got you covered with
virtual teletherapy!

Dr Nimarta Paul

110g Queens Road


AB15 6BW

Tel:  01224 323 693

Tel: 07527 276 341

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