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Dr Nimarta Paul has always been fascinated with health and fitness and her interest formed the basis for her decision to become a registered chiropractor.

I am passionate about health. I liked the natural, no-drugs approach of chiropractic and being hands on so I applied to the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and graduated in 2002. The college interview was like an epiphany. I knew 100% with every cell in my body that this was my career purpose in life. It was hard work and fun, a five-year full time study course where I also specialised in paediatrics chiropractic care. One of the best positive turning points of my life, it moulded me into a person that I love being for me and my patients; it’s so in line with life for my body, mind and spirit.

I learned good spinal alignment leads to improved health and performance. Your nervous system (brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls and co-ordinates everything in your body and mind. The human body has an incredible innate ability to heal itself. Chiropractic helps to release this potential, by simply correcting interferences that inhibit its function, allowing people to heal in a safe and natural way.

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