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Food Therapy & Nutrition (AK)

Applied Kinesiology - also known as muscle testing

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Service Description

Eating well including the right treat fascinates me as the role of proper nutrition aids in the healing process and boosting your immunity. Dr Nimarta has taken many postgraduate programs about nutritional science, due to her own experience and health issues. Applied Kinesiology (aka muscle testing) is a technique allowing to obtain information about clients that cannot tell me consciously, and a way to find out where there is an imbalance in the body. The reason that muscle testing works so well is that the musculature of the body represents a natural feedback system, assessing the metabolic status. Applied Kinesiologists reset muscle strength and in doing so helps:  ✓detect nutritional deficiencies ✓increase vision ✓determine food sensitivities ✓improve learning abilities ✓eliminate mental fatigue / brain fog ✓normalise weight ✓heal skin problems ✓post viral chronic fatigue syndrome ✓hormone related dysfunctions ✓reduce anxiety / depression ✓improve digestion (bloating/IBS) ✓sleep pattern disorders ✓improve memory ✓overcome sleep issues Treatment involve any combination guidance in self-treatment, homeopathic and nutritional guidance and support. Treatments also available online

Cancellation Policy

Re-arranging an appointment To avoid a cancellation charge you must provide 24 hours notice or you will be charged a cancellation fee. Less than 24 hours, No Show or on the Day Cancellation - you will be charged the full fee for your appointment. Administration charge of £5 will be added per treatment if not paid directly after care and placed on account.

Contact Details

  • + 44(0) 7527 276 34

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